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The patented Stratoconception® process

In the late 1980s, the professor Claude Barlier and his team started a research that led to the patented process of Stratoconception® in 1991.
History of the patented Stratoconception® process - Patents and trademarks C. BARLIER - CIRTES - France Stratoconception® is a rapid prototyping process that allows to manufacture, layer by layer, an object designed by CAD, without any lag in the design / manufacturing workflow (See figure below). This process consists in the automatic decomposition of the object into a series of complementary elementary layers called strata, in which positioning inserts and reinforcements are placed. Each strata are identified and then directly manufactured by rapid milling, laser cutting, hot wire cutting or any other cutting technologies from all kind of sheet material. These elementary parts are then fitted together with inserts, bridges or jointing features in order to rebuild the final part. The assembly of the strata is taken into account since the design step to help withstand the mechanical constraints during use. The inserts then work both as location rods and links between layers. In the case of thin walled parts, these inserts are placed outside the parts using sectile bridges. In some cases, it is also possible to assemble the strata one inside the other. The process is part of the standardized processes retained by ISO 17296-2 Stratoconception Process® Patents and trademarks C. BARLIER - CIRTES - France

The Stratoconcept® software®

Illustration of the software main steps
Commercialized softwares

Applications of the Stratoconception® process®

The Stratoconception® process can be used in three main fields of application described bellow using different materials such as wood, polymers, resins, cardboard, polystyrenes, steels, aluminium...
  • Mock-ups and prototypes - Interior layout, design, aesthetics, furniture, technical products
  • Models and tooling – Foundry, Plastic forming, Glass forming
  • Direct Parts – furniture, design, luxury, in-store advertising, technical parts

Application Examples - Mock-ups and prototypes

Application Examples - Models and tooling

Application Examples - Direct Parts

Stratoconception® Stations

  • Specific stations dedicated to the Stratoconception® process based on micromilling, hot wire cutting machines or laser cutting machines.
  • Specific equipment for the Stratoconception® process in order to hold panoplies during machining, assembly and finishing of strata.