ClaudeBarlierPr HDR, Mechanical Engineer graduated from ENS Cachan, with a Doctor degree from ENSAM Paris, Claude Barlier is specialized in Additive Manufacturing and in the Digital Product Development field. He was a Higher Education Professor at the Math Spé Technologique until 1998, when he took the position of Professor of Exceptional Class at the Mines-Telecom Institute, where he taught until 2016. In the 1980s, his research led to the patented additive manufacturing process Stratoconception® and the patented machining monitoring system Actarus® . In 1991, based on his patented work, he created and since then heads CIRTES SA in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, a Contractual Research Company, which has become a leader in the additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping and tooling) and in advanced machining. In 2000, he created the spin-off Actarus SAS, and then, he initiated, with Mines Nancy and Mines Albi, the GIP-InSIC Engineering School, Higher Institute of Engineering Design of which he was the director from its creation until December 2015. In 2010, with 20 associated industrial and financial partners, he created a national level innovation platform INORI SAS, which he has since then chaired. He is the founder of VirtuReal® "from the Virtual, to the Real, ...", the pole of Rapid Product Development, in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, an European pole of excellence which today regroups on the same site all these complementary structures, from research to industrialization. Barlier is author of numerous patents and publications, several reference works and software in mechanics at Editions Dunod, Casteilla and Foucher. He coordinated the collective work “Conception en Mécanique Industrielle”, from the collection "Les Référentiels Dunod" published by DUNOD. He is also the initiator and co-author of the reference book on Additive Manufacturing, published by DUNOD in September 2015. Currently, his research work is widely recognized and disseminated internationally and is the subject of awards, regular European projects, major industrial partnerships and licensing. He is at the origin of the patented 3D packaging process: Pack & Strat®. Associate member of the STANISLAS Academy since February 2010, he was elected a full member in 2014. He is also Knight of the Legion of Honor (2013), Knight of the National Order of Merit (2002) and Knight in the Order of the Academic Palms (2016). Claude Barlier is married and father of two daughters. Today, he is the president of CIRTES SA, INORI SAS, and Actarus SAS.
Claude Barlier receives the Legion of Honor