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The patented Actarus® process

In 1986, Claude BARLIER began a research work in the field of direct and continuous control of the cutting tools wear by incorporated micro-probe that led to the development of the basic principle of the Actarus process, patented in 1987.
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Patented Actarus®process - Patents and trademarks C. BARLIER - CIRTES – France
Among the machining monitors currently available on the market, the Actarus® patented process is the only one that allows the temperature to be measured directly at the heart of the cutting process: on average, depending on the configurations adopted, the measurement point is a few hundredths of millimetres directly under the cutting edge, at the interface tool-part and / or chip-tool. The Actarus® system with TWS 5® software manages the wear and the tool life, optimizes cutting conditions and helps to eliminate tool breakage.

The Actarus® software

Illustration of the software main steps

Applications of the Actarus® process

The main applications of the process include:
  • Protection of the cutting process by reducing tool breakages and machine stops,
  • Continuous monitoring of flank wear to optimize tool life and tool change management,
  • Optimization of cutting parameters for a tool-material pair (machining of exotic materials, hard turning, increasing chip flow, etc.),
  • Choice of the cutting fluid and optimization of lubrication system (qualification of lubricants and control systems),
  • The study of the cutting phenomena (built up edge, particular wear ...).

Application examples

Actarus® Instrumented Tools