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Industry of the Futur

Inori raises € 1.5 million through the commerce of innovative 3D packaging solutions using the additive manufacturing process Pack&Strat® View the press release
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TopSolid'Strato make it possible to perform the division of a model in parts (Split in zones, slicing and slices's decomposition) and to generate automatically the toolpath and machining documents corresponding to the optimised parts nesting in the raw material plates. For more informations
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Additive Manufacturing

New!! For the beginning of the school year, Claude BARLIER and Alain BERNARD published the reference work in Additive Manufacturing by DUNOD.
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The packaging system Pack & Strat on TF1


The CEA-CIRTES alliance will promote digital insertion in the industries of the future Integration of CEA Tech sensors, from CEA's technology research center, in the CIRTES Additive Manufacturing process Stratoconception. The unique additive manufacturing technology by Stratoconception, invented and patented by CIRTES since 1991, offers CEA the possibility to position intelligence in the form of…
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