The Pack&Strat® process proposes an aesthetic packaging with several customizations and automatic parts assembly possibilities. The process is also engaged with the sustainable development challenge by proposing the possibility of cushioning in recyclable or biodegradable materialssuch as cardboard, wood, cork and recyclable materials made from natural fibres. It is also possible to apply the process to polystyrene and polyethylene. It is currently a successful industrial solution.

The patented Pack&Strat® process

The process is distributed as stand-alone stations or as software that can be integrated to the equipment (cutter, fixing, etc.) of three-axis machines or digital cutters. It is also possible to package products in small or medium series from direct production of cutting shapes, directly usable by serial cutting presses. Pack-strat Process Patended Stratoconception® Process - Patents and trademarks C. BARLIER - CIRTES - France

The Pack&Strat® Software

Illustration of the software main steps

Applications examples of the Pack&Strat Process®

Pack&Strat® Stations